OpenSource is an educational platform for learning traction roles in the tech industry (UX Design, Growth Marketing, Sales & Business Development). 

My Role

  • Project Lead
  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • User Research
  • Personas
  • User Stories
  • Task Flows
  • Sketching and Wireframing
  • Visual Design and Prototyping

Stakeholder Interviews & Persona Creation

Since I am building this site from scratch, the first thing I did was interviewing the stakeholders. This helped me understand the product and who our users would be. Next, I interviewed the users to understand their needs and goals. I concluded there were two main target users: David and Angela

David (right) is looking to learn new skills to switch careers. Leslie (left) is looking for a way to to give back to the tech community. 

Writing Design Stories to Solve Needs

Before I jump into designing the feature, I need to write some Design Stories to think about what features I need to design.

Epics are displayed on the purple sticky notes and needs are on the yellow ones

Designing the Task Flow

Drafting a task flow helps me think about how a user would go through the pages and understand the possible scenarios that could happen.

Summary: When the User enters the page, there are two ways to get to the content: Searching or browsing through the library. Contents are categorized by topics or curated tracks. As the user is going through the flow, they can bookmark articles into different lists. The user can also share contents through email or social media platforms.

From Sketches to Wireframes

The next step is to visualize the task flow I mapped out. To brainstorm ideas, I created different versions of sketches. I then proceeded to create some low fidelity wireframes and ran a few usability tests to see if people had trouble going through the flow. I like to test lower fidelity screens because it makes the user focus on the functionality rather than aesthetics.


Final Prototype with Visual Designs